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      Old Players Having Problems Logging In   01/04/18

      Good Day Midgardians, As some of you already know that our server had undergone several security changes which affected some of your account. As such, for senior players who PLAYED BEFORE 31st DECEMBER 2017, you are required to do the following: Reset your password at https://www.ragnaroksea.com/cp/?module=account&action=resetpass Download the manual patch at https://www.ragnaroksea.com/index.php?/files/category/2-manual-patch/ if you are using an installer OLDER THAN 31st DECEMBER 2017 Failure to do any of the steps will result in you being not able to login to the server.

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  1. Brewing Bounty (For Life)

    New Bounty is in place: Concentrated White Pot x 200 attempt Blue Pot x 350 attempt Current rate: 80/20 Bonus : Alcohol attempt x40 (200 PS, 200 stem, 200 bottle) Acid Bottle attempt x 50 (50 IH, 50 bottle)
  2. Bug-Busters [Wrong Mobs]

    Mapname: Toy Factory 2 Monster ID: Cruiser #1248 Correct Stats: http://db.irowiki.org/restart/monster-info/1248/ http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=mob_db&mob_id=1248 (previously)
  3. Brewing Bounty (For Life)

    TLDR version, yes. I write all that crap because there will be... people who demand stuff out of the context.
  4. Brewing Bounty (For Life)

    Brewing is an intergral component of making rich people richer and poorer people even poorer (believe me when I start hoarding my zeny remains around the same level for a week) It is a job for Alchemist to make economical (albeit risky) products that, either they increase effectiveness when pitched against players, or people grab it for the ranked +50% status. Anyway... This is a topic which I believe most of the people will ignore but I will do it nevertheless because other medias are equally ineffective. I will be posting my material status here whenever I have my fair share of ready stock. And alchemist who interested in it can do one of the few things below: a) PM me in facebook, aka. Reveniant Goh. Probably the best way of reaching me unless I am sleeping or in areas without wifi, unconcious, vegetarian, or KIA. *Choooiiii* b) 1:1 chat in ROSEA. Possible characters are: Pury Lancer, Noob Warper, Pack Mule. Rules of brewing: Alchemist should have their fair share of contributions in this joint venture, alchemist books, medicine bowl and empty potion bottle came from alchemists and not farmers. Brewing skills are expected to be maxed and stats favorable to brewing success (dex/int/luk). Homun is preferable but not a must. Raw materials is farmers responsibility. This does not include empty bottles, but can request for it nevertheless, or if farmers can provide. Wishlist will be posted, alchemist feel free to pm and setup a meeting time, usually after 8pm GMT+8. If you need priest for blessing/gloria, please inform so that I can provide, please note that the duration of Gloria is quite low. All consumables success potion are subjected to 80/20 ratio, 20% on the alchemist side, rounded up. Depending on wishlist, might include some bonus ingredients for alchemist. (usually offensive usage bottles) Exception: Very Very Very Poor/ Extremely Very Very Poor Alchemist can request for raw ingredient provide too, but the brewing share ratio will become 90/10. Brewing share ratio will become 50/50 if alchemist decide to sourcing white potion from NPC. This only applies for Alberta potion maker NPC and DC maxed purchase from tool dealer. This is for concentrated white potion ONLY. Bonus: I will usually put a bonus into my wishlist. After the potion making, you will get raw ingredients for offensive bottle (acid bottle, marine sphere etc.) or non consumables (alcohol, glistening coat, embryo). However as per said, I will not include the empty bottle.
  5. Novice Leveling Tips

    Doing the whole novice quest with only hitting a single poring (for quest progression) is already enough for you to hit 26/7-8. Swordman, merchant, magician and thief quest can be done (and unlike magician description, you dun need to use Firebolt to really kill lunatic). It will net extra potion, fly wings, phracon and butterfly (The last one a bit vague, because I couldn't remember). Technically you should come out with 700 pot, 100 fly and 50 butterfly, phracon just npc it or something. Grind some more and 28/10 is enough to get out, get first job and start whacking something.