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      Old Players Having Problems Logging In   01/04/18

      Good Day Midgardians, As some of you already know that our server had undergone several security changes which affected some of your account. As such, for senior players who PLAYED BEFORE 31st DECEMBER 2017, you are required to do the following: Reset your password at https://www.ragnaroksea.com/?module=account&action=resetpass Download the manual patch at http://www.mediafire.com/file/see7h7orktjajau/Installer.exe  if you are using an installer OLDER THAN 31st DECEMBER 2017 Failure to do any of the steps will result in you being not able to login to the server.


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  1. Function : Send you to Marketplace - Old Payon Hidden Temple Orc Dungeon Anthell Mjolnir Waste Pit Sphinx Glast Heim Comodo Guide. 1. Find Twin Towers NPC. Available at Izlude Morroc Prontera Aldebaran Geffen Comodo Alberta Payon 2. 2x click then spam enter until you get this. Pick top option. You will get this. Choose what you want then click OK or Enter. 3. DONE! Happy Travel.
  2. Catalog Function : We can see who vend to sell or want purchase item. Guide. 1. Find Catalog Magician NPC at Old Payon. Location 99,107 2. Click it and spam enter until you reach choosing option. Choose Buy a Universal Catalog Gold 3. How many you want to buy? 1pcs? then put number 1. 50 = 50pcs. 1pcs cost 2.5k zeny. 4. You will get this item. 5. 2x click and you will get this. 6. Tick Sell if you want to find who sell that item or Purchase who want to buy the item. Type item name correctly. Ex: Bubble Gum, not bubble gum. 7. Then, click search you will get this. 8. To open the vend. 2x click on Shop Name. You will get this. Then click OK. You will get this. 9. Tick this box if you curious what the function of this box. Then click search. You will get this. 10. DONE! Happy shopping.
  3. Thief, Merchant Class Agi type. Training ground Do all quest at Training Ground (Swordman, Thief, Merchant, Mage) LV1 ~ LV27 Muka Click here : Map LV27 ~ LV40 Seal Minimum DEX 60 Click here : Map LV40 ~ LV60 This is my leveling place. For another Class I still dont know. How about yours? Can share with me?