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  1. MiniJam

    August Eggs Costume List

    Dearest players <3, July ended and we only have August to march on. Sorry this took awhile to post, but I was not well. Enjoy! Signing off. Mini ❤️
  2. Acknowledging the recent instability and bugfix, the ROSEA development team had decided to officially hire 2 new development team members and had restructured our management to better cater to players. These 2 GMs had approached us a month ago and had shown capable abilities in development with their recent commits to our private github repository. Leads [GM - Fariz] - [Lead Core Source Developer] [GM - Sypher] - [NPC and Script Development] [GM - Gan] - [Database Developer] Support Role [GM - MiniJam] - [Support and Web Developer] - The new management team will be in effect on August officially but nothing will change on the player and front end side, this will only effect the developments. We will be meeting up with them for briefing and to discuss the server directions as we move forward as well as discussing the responsibilities they will be carrying in taking care of the development of the server. This discussion will also cover the feature set planned to be implemented in Update 11 and future updates based on the new workforce we obtain. - Update 11 [Transcendent Classes and Expanded Gunslinger + Ninja ] is stated to be released on 30th of July tentatively. - Focus on minor stability patches as priority as some player is facing delay problems and these patches will be done on a weekly basis to the new rewritten OOP server base code. Regards, Minijam ❤️
  3. - Added @lootnotify <rate> command - Current mobs + spawns are based on Official Episode 13.2 patch. Several spawn data are modified to suit ROSEA ---> Sphinx, Moscovia Dungeon increased back to old spawn rates ---> Different mob variants will give additional EXP/Drop bonuses compared to normal monster [EG; Furious - 25% more exp than normal mob, Swift- additional drops and so forth] ---> Rachel Dungeon, Satan Morocc Map, Izlude Dungeon 05, New World [Manuk, Splendide] , Odin Temple, Abyss Dungeon, Bio Lab 3, Nidhoggurs Nest, Thor Volcano, Scaraba Dungeon exp scaled. EXP will be using Anubis [EXP/Hour as benchmark] and dungeons in this list will grant higher EXP/HR than anubis. - Fixed wrong spawns in Yuno, Izlude, Geffen - Fixed reset NPC resetting gym pass weight, bioethics and other permenant quest skills - Added Decard NPC based on iRO. Lubricant to decard can be obtained from new ROSEA Coin shop - Added missing Episode 13.2 NPCs - Added New World Boss [That will give F2P July Token + ROSEA Coin] - Added Free2Play Costume exchange with stats similar to premium items. Tradeable with ROSEA Coin. - Fixed costume exchanger not detecting dual item class [eg; both upper+mid] - Added daily repeatable quest NPC in major towns - Returned universal paid kafra warp to major cities. Will have different warp cost depending on distance. ---> Midgard Region - Fixed PVP mapflag for colliseum - Added the long missing [Evolved Corsair, Robo Eye] headgear quest
  4. MiniJam

    Introduce Myself : HKiat

    Hello Hkiat, Which guild were you with in eRO?
  5. MiniJam

    July Eggs Costume List

    Dearest players <3, Mini here! Hope you have a great June. I'm here to show July latest costume offering. I hope I did not made any mistakes while editing it. UwU , do tell me if there's any typo or human error. Other than that, enjoy! , Click on attachment to see a bigger picture. Till then! Signing off. Mini ❤️
  6. MiniJam

    Hi~ got some questions and new here

    Hi Ichiban, yes there is critical double attack. As for event, currently we are having server wide World Boss spawning every night. Do join for some bonuses :)
  7. MiniJam

    Rosea Training Ground

    @Justice permission to move this to our wiki
  8. [Weekly Maintenance and Update] Thursday [3:00pm -> 3:30pm] Short upgrade as usual. Patch list will be released as I go. - Alteration on some headgear requirements [Pirate Dagger, Blush of Groom] - Added new headgear quests [Enhanced Corsair Quest] - Remove looting behaviour of Dancing Dragon and Eggrings - Demon Hunter HQ moved to Prontera. - Demon Hunter Repeatable Ranges ranges added [25 - 40] - Rough Oridecon/Rough Elunium ore refiner can now do bulk refines [you give value, it will change in bulk]. Of course a small zeny fee will be charged if you opt for bulk change. [100 zeny per 5 ore converted.] - Reworked Increase Agi for mobs. Increase Agi now only adds a fixed ammount of agi instead of percentage and is limited to a max level of 10. - Siren element is now water. Nerfed Siren's Wail further. - Daily Reward changed to Daily Quests due to potential exploit. Timer is specific to character. - Added new Demon Hunter Dungeon Services. [Pay with ROSEA Ringgit/Zeny to unlock special warps that only you can use.] - Added 2-2 3rd class costumes. Sorry for the one who won the unknown item. Will deliver through RODEX soon. - Round 2 of The Sign Dance Quest bugfixing. Hope this works. - Changed the default cash item categories + re-arranged certain items. More items added to the cash shop, mostly utilities. - Added new Valentine's Day Egg. - New Valentine's Day world boss spawns in Aldebaran. - Made Assassin Job Change Quest bug-proof. If player DC, they can talk to an NPC to claim the weapon of choice and gain the talisman.
  9. MiniJam

    Player Spotlight : apakdin

    Hi guys, MiniJam here, in a new segment called Player Spotlight. We will do this weekly, feel free to let me know if you want to be interviewed. We are here to feature players from Ragnarok SEA so you can get to know them better and maybe be best friend with them. Who knows, maybe you'll even marry them or something. This week, we interviewed apakdin, a name that is quite famous in both in game and facebook (also discord), he is the guy who have been helpful throughout the server journey from closed beta all the way to release. Always helpful with the newbie and always friendly. Lets begin. Seeking some love from Geo during ROSEA CBT. Tell us more about yourself before we talk about RO. An average mid 20’s forever alone guy being a waiter to make money for living and having a typical kampung life with good internet hotspot in northern part of Malaysia. How long have you been playing Ragnarok Online? First time joining MVP party in Close Beta My experience is kind of mixed, I break it down into simpler format 1st experience: year 2003 played mRO for 2 weeks as far as I can remember until GameFlier implemented Pay2Play then quit immediately due to financial crisis lol not a rich primary school kid. After that never tried any private server. 2nd experience: Almost 15 years later, in November 2017, participated during ROEXE MYSG Closed Beta Test, CBT and continued for 3 weeks after official launch. Quit due to having bad experience within the server. 3rd experience: After severe heartbroken and devastated by ROEXE bureaucracy, joined ROSEA in December 2017 until present. Can never been happier in my life J Froze by own party member frost joke (Justice). What was your first server? - 1st server MRO 2003 (2 weeks) - 2nd server MYSG November 2017 (3 weeks) - 3rd server ROSEA December 2017 (Present) Tell us the best memory you had playing ragnarok for the first time and if you could, how would you bring that experience here? Anubis Raid Party - Basically I like magic and I choose to be a Magician for 1st job. Back then, as a first timer in mRO, I knew nothing, I am totally a zero plus using dial up internet connection at local cybercafé makes internet searching is a meh, luckily in game there is always kind soul helping me across the way until I become a magician. I wish I could meet and thank them in future. May God bless you all. Anything you want to tell us in Ragnarok SEA? Shout out etcs Selfie, after finish beating Ktullanux, the MVP of ice dungeon. - I want everyone to have good and memorable experience as much as I do in ROSEA. Be good and do well to everyone. Create as much memories with friends and party. Do crazy thing, leveling together, die together, advance together, explore together, share the burden together, basically it’s better to do everything together. Lol. Regalia guild 1st selfie. Magma mobs counter raid! Just a simple hello, just a simple question, just a simple help it turn strangers into friends. From nothing into a friendship. From simple friend to a party. From a simple party to a guild. A good and balanced guild doesn’t happen in one night. It takes time. It cost trust. It needs high tolerance and patience to each other. It is not one man show anymore, its takes teamwork to the next level. Never stop supporting each other. Am I talking too much? I’ll stop here. Lol. Any suggestions or comments for the GM team? - First and foremost, congratulations for successfully launch ROSEA server. Keep up with the good relationship between GM team and players. Everyone is hoping more to come in the future. Not only me but all of us will support any effort or plan by GM team to increase ROSEA gameplay value and ROSEA ingame experience. Such as rewards to players that willing to share ingame inspiring stories/ full packed actions through pictures or montage or videos. (FYA) Please review the server rate info at homepage, forum home, rms page, and also ingame login message to avoid confusion, since all of this place having different numbers. If possible put the rate at the homepage as everyone ingame / outside game can get to know server current rate in realtime. Something like “whos online” feature at homepage header. minijam p/s : Alright, thank you for bringing that up, will double check everything. ^^ Anyways, GM team please do take care of yourself. After all hardships, sleepless nights, blood sweat and tears for the sake of players, to make this server a great place to experience Ragnarok Online for Malaysians especially and also for SEA regions and the rest of the world. ------------------------------------------- Wow there you go, what a heartwarming post by apakdin. We hope to continue serving you guys so you will have a great time! Note that each weekly participant will each get something from me for being such a good sport and letting me interview them. Till then!
  10. Hey guys, Mini here again to provide all the command list available. !main join #channel - To join any channel For example if you wish to join #main (joined by default when you first login), you type !main join #main Channel list #main - main channel server wide, english only #mamak - same as above but for bahasa #trade - where you deal with all your buying and selling #help - in case you need someone's help and asking questions #lfp - looking for party channel !main leave #channel - To leave a channel Same as above but for leaving channel because you dont want to be spammed. @arealoot - to disable arealooting (enabled by default) Basically if there's a stack of items, you will only need to pick one up to pick all. No more back pain, no more worries! @hominfo - To check your homunculus information. @autotrade - To set your shop up even if you are offline. (class with vending skills only) In order to use autotrade, you must first set up your shop like you normally would, once your shop is opened, you can run the command, your client will shut down but your character will stay ingame vending till the next time you log in. Step by step : Put item in cart Use the skill vend Set up your shop Open shop Type !autovend and press enter in the chat box Profit??? @refresh - Refresh your screen, in case theres an artifact (leftover monsters that already died but still on screen) @time - Check server time in case you are not playing locally (gmt+8) @whodrops - [Item ID|Part of item name] - Show who drops an item (mobs with highest drop rate). @whereis - [Mob ID|Monster Name] - Locates and displays the position of a certain mob. Till then. Ja ne~
  11. Greetings Midguardians, MiniJam here today with Raudah are going to talk about Ragnarok Online and how to get started. So its your first time playing, do not fret, we are here to guide you into the wonderful world of poke..wait sorry I mean into Midgard. Raudah : So, you are new and you are not sure what to do first, if you have not chosen a class or a job, its okay, everyone start with the same stat points or known as status points which involves 6 different type which is STR, VIT, DEX, AGI, INT and last but not least LUK. As you progress, you will be able to add more points to your status thus becoming stronger, or faster, or thougher, depending on which stats you add up. Mini : Right, but before we even get there, lets talk about training ground.This is where everyone start their adventure. You will be greeted by an npc that will teach you how to control your character, proceed and enter the castle and meet instructor blade for freebies. Meet instructor blade who is dashingly handsome. Once you done talking to him follow his instructions and you will get some levels and experience. Once done proceed to the next room and meet all the other npcs. Those npc such as kafra and guard are there to let you know their job and tasks around midgards so you can always seek their help if you need anything. Once you done with all the conversation, proceed to the battle ground. Talk to Instructor blade again and he will give you your first quest which is to kill a poring. Do it and talk to him again, you will be rewarded. Now in training ground you will me a new monster called Eggring, they give out the best exp in training ground, keep hitting them to level up. Don't forget, talk to some npcs there because they might have some quests for you too, and rewards . Remember try not to leave training ground till you are in job level 10 so you can proceed with your job change quest. Once you're happy with your progress and feel like out to the real world, talk to Instructor blade again. This time he will ask if you are sure you wanted to leave and will happily provide you a free warp to any town destination. Just a hint on where to warp depending on the job you wish to change to, Prontera : Acolyte Izlude : Swordsman Payon : Archer Alberta : Merchant Geffen : Mage Morroc : Thief Till then, see you!
  12. MiniJam

    Happy Valentines Day

    Happy Valentines Day Arms
  13. [4 am - 5 am] Zaha Hat Doll now properly have 1 slot Fixed !arealoot bug. Now u can turn off and loot. Remove Amatsu and Ayothya dungeon from Dungeon Teleport Scroll as it requires quest to enter. Bugfix Ungoliant Spawn Fixed Prontera PVP Map Tile Hunter Class can now get 2 Resets. First one is with the BG and Ment. The next one is free. If you have already done the reset quest, the next reset is free. Dancing Dragon Event Monster now spawns in fields across midgard. These monsters drop rice cakes, new years egg [low chance] and also red packets. Fire, Water, Wind, Earth Deity will be added to the dragon boss summon. These deity have a chance to drop a Heroic Costume Token [3rd class costume] but do note, only one 3rd class costume can exist at a time. Added new Headgear NPC [Blush of Groom, Gentleman Pipe, Signrun's Wings, Zaha Hat Doll [Magnificat], I love China] [ Trap Hunter damage Nerf remains. Cast Time wont be added. Adding cast time will cause existing trap hunters to not even able to farm normal mobs or even PVP/Guild War properly if this nerf is added. I will do a full white paper - Meaning Explaination on why this nerf and what are the pros tht caused this change. ]
  14. MiniJam


    Hello Fleur! Welcome to RagnarokSEA
  15. MiniJam

    The Dragon has descended

    Heyya just wanted to post some screenshots from yesterday trial events, as you guys know the real dragon will be unleashed this coming CNY event. This trial happened yesterday around 9pm (+8 gmt), do share if you guys have any more images/screenshots.

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