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      Old Players Having Problems Logging In   01/04/18

      Good Day Midgardians, As some of you already know that our server had undergone several security changes which affected some of your account. As such, for senior players who PLAYED BEFORE 31st DECEMBER 2017, you are required to do the following: Reset your password at https://www.ragnaroksea.com/?module=account&action=resetpass Download the manual patch at http://www.mediafire.com/file/see7h7orktjajau/Installer.exe  if you are using an installer OLDER THAN 31st DECEMBER 2017 Failure to do any of the steps will result in you being not able to login to the server.


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  1. CNY Dragon Event !!

    gm, my merchant never hit the mvp at all, not even see the mvp (due to old computer, too lag and jamming to even move), but my merchant still get the dragon egg, is it bug or intended?
  2. Bug Report

    the costume headgear "costume qing headdress" description Luk+1, but in game it actually +1 int to character, is this bug?
  3. how to determine the selling price? there is no range of reference price, only the price that u willing to instant sell without regret after that, then vend it that's all... scare people say too cheap? why too cheap when u satified with the instant sell price? or ur satification is purely base on others but not urself?? i feel bad for u if this is the reason.... scare being called "yahudi"? everyone can call u yahudi no matter u put what selling price, because u cnnot make everyone feel cheap to buy from u, that is just impossible, as long as u not forcing people to buy is ok, take it or leave it, it is all about business even in real life... For those that can sell cheaper than u, i will say u are really good to free warp free card free account, but i will say u are really bit ch to busybody and disturb others' business... (in chinesse society, disturb and stop people's business same like killing their parent, argument and fight is unavoidable if bit ch appear)
  4. How Party Bonus EXP Work

    so if anubis is 60k exp, then it will be 60k x (100% + 760% bonus) = 516k exp, divide by 20 member in party become 25.8k exp each
  5. How Party Bonus EXP Work

    as i know, each extra member in even shared party get 20% more exp even not hittig the monster, if each member in the party hit the monster at least once, then +20% more exp per member as ks bonus exp, so if 20 member even shaare party and every member hit monster at least once, the total bonus exp wil be 20x19 + 20x19 = 760% exp, correct me if i am wrong

    bug report reward when and how tto get?
  7. Brewing Bounty (For Life)

    i dont understand what u r trying to say at all after read all long story...... can someone explain in short sentence??