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  1. Justice

    Do You Know? Justice.

    Do you know you an change your navigation icon 😜 ⬇️ Tadaaaaa
  2. Justice

    Do You Know? Justice.

    💛 It's a close topic where i will share most of the tips Don't forget to leave your reaction /gg Hope some of it is helpful. ❤️
  3. Justice

    dual client?

    yes, its possible, same like any other server just open client 1 and open client 2 up to 18 client i tried
  4. Justice


    its unlimited for below base level 70, but i thnk taekwon only can use it once ..maybe for above 70 u can use advance hypnotis at sanctum (custom map ..but currently will be removed somewhere)
  5. Justice


    +1 i agreed on this lets make the pets our slave i want one.
  6. Justice

    A bit questions from newcomers

    its not hard to catch up with senior player, we got upcoming eden quest for new comer and gramps plus this server is heavy on party leveling u just need certain level to join available party, hardcore leveler is sure aroud with mr & mrs kim, and stargladiator miracle mode and stella day.
  7. Level Requirement: 130 or Higher Cooldown: 23 Hours Time Limit: 1 Hour Party Size: 2 Players or More Hairstyle by Justice Obtainable Rewards Temporal Crystal Coagulated Spell You are required to loot Coagulated spell, while Temporal Crystal is granted thru the instance you be needing both of this for Temporal Boots Upgrade. Step : 1 Talk to Hugin (/navi glast_01 204 273) To Generated the instance, make sure u not doing this solo. Step : 2 Once you generated the instance you got 1 hour to finish it Enter Old Glast Heim when your party is ready, Party member must speak to Hugin to get in, but only Party Leader can generate. Step : 3 Speak to Varmundt to start the drama. When Varmundt is finish walk up North. Step : 4 You will see Heinrich he will tell you about what happen and what knight must do. and bla bla bla Step : 5 Suddenly Himelmez appear and turn everything into chaos All White Knight have turn into Corrupted Abysmal Knight and Suffering Khalitzburg you don't have to fight all the monster Heinrich will kill everything for you. Step : 6 When everything is cleared u will be noticed a West Portal (navi 1@gl_k 99 80) has been opened This two beautiful angel forget to screenshot the portal but this also work This time you need to kill all the monster! Team Work! Fastah!! Corrupted Steward look like zombie and Grand Chamberlain in pain look like ghoul until there's a broadcast message tell that the curse is weakening. And you be needing to find Survivor. Step : 7 note : only party leader can talk to the npc The first survivor is Altar Boy Domun (/navi 1@gl_k 16 51) why Erfa teaching a kid using weapon while close eyes A broadcast telling you that East Portal (/navi 1@gl_k 199 79) has been open, walk back from the west portal you entered. Step : 8 Same rules you need to get enough kill but be careful of Dead Bodies they spawned Maggot which is kinda pain. when you get enough kill, a broadcast message tell that the curse is weakening. And you be needing to find Survivor. Step : 9 These two dumpling forgot to screenshot the survivor npc. The Second survivor is Holgren the Destroyer (/navi 1@gl_k 291 146) note : only party leader can talk to the npc it's a female black smith npc with manly name once you save her. A broadcast telling you that Northwest Portal (/navi 1@gl_k 199 79) has been open. Step : 10 You need to clear all the Corrupted Palace Guard and Wandering Archer basically its just raydric and raydric archer /gg Masdoxx food. Once enough monster is killed Himelmez will appear in the middle (/navi 1@gl_k 151 252) And summon her creature. Step : 11 Defeat the Corrupted Soul !! Fighting !! Upon defeating the MVP, each party member should speak with Varmundt and collect x 1 Temporal Crystal and x 1 Coagulated Spell. Note : If any of the party members are dead when the MVP dies, then they won't receive the kill count and are unable to receive any items from Varmundt. Once Varmundt is finish a West Portal will be open Step : 12 This is the Second Floor of the instance, you will meet Heinrich And Varmundt Enter the West Portal (/navi 2@gl_k 148 123) This map is filled with Corrupted Abysmal Knight, and Bloody Knight. Step : 13 You need to defeat all the monster until you get a broadcast Step : 14 Find and defeat the 1st Commander of Destruction the red ● is the 1st Commander of Destruction spawn point. once the commander is defeated East Portal will be open. Step : 15 Get out from the west portal and walk to East Portal (/navi 2@gl_k 151 101) Fight till u see this broadcast, and find the 2nd Commander Step : 16 Once u find it, Demolish the 2nd Commander of Destruction the yellow ● is the 2nd Commander of Destruction spawn point. once the commander is defeated North Portal will be open. Step : 17 Walk back out to the corridor and head to the North Portal (/navi 2@gl_k 149 160) Once you inside you will see the Dead Bodies again, you don't have to fight if you lazy, just walk up north till u see Himelmez. Step : 18 Get near to the npc to trigger the drama. Himelmez will turn her floating body victim into Amdarais cast Hell's Judgement and Dark Grand Cross as his main damaging ability, it is advisable to place Pneuma on the party while the tank wears a Bathory Card Armor note : that you need to be in the same screen when the mvp is died or you will not received credit. Defeat the Mvp to end the instance Step : Final Hugin will spawn in the middle note : He will give 5 of each Temporal Crystal and Coagulated Spell the First Time you complete the instance and 1 of each thereafter Okay?. if you wanna end the instance choose " Please Let me Out " or enjoy the Bonus Round if you look around Bonus Go back to the first floor on Step : 11 Find your way to the Strange Crack Fountain (/navi 1@gl_k 269 262) and click the crack and you will be teleport into the round table room. in the room there 5 statue with a strange crack, click the crack to get your bounty These are some of the treasure Platinum Bullion Gold Bullion Silver Bullion Gold Coin Basket i'm not sure on the equipment drop need to confirm it with Development Team. The End Thank You to my both Dumpling Angel Erfa & Apakdin for the screenshot and time! Good Luck And Thank You To Everyone Who spent so much time reading my guide. feel free to pm for for any question or guide request.
  8. Justice

    Demon Hunter : Equipment

    #item Demon_Hunter_Token 1000 PenjejakAwan
  9. Justice

    Poll For Mage Future

    This sprites is common on many private server, so what do you guys think?
  10. Justice

    Demon Hunter : Equipment

    ty for reading ❤️
  11. Justice

    Demon Hunter : Equipment

    Demon Hunter Association also provide a better quest equipment As long as you possess the Demon Hunter Seal Start : Meet "Princess" Arundel (sanctum 193 287) You Can Exchange your Demon Hunter Token for Equipment This Equipment is divide into two categories SEALED & UNSEALED (unreleased) DEMON EQUIPMENT ASSASSIN | ROGUE HUNTER | BARD & DANCER Instrument & Whip WIZARD | SAGE KNIGHT | CRUSADER BLACKSMITH | ALCHEMIST PRIEST | MONK NOVICE Cost Armor : 1500 Demon Hunter Token | Garment : 1000 Demon Hunter Token | Footgear : 1200 Demon Hunter Token How To Get Token (Here) Since i'm so nice, i'm gonna share with you guys how many Demon Hunter Token from mission board Level 25 - 54 ~ (10, 10, 10, 10, 20) Level 25 - 54 ~ (30, 20, 20, 20, 20) Level 70 - 79 ~ (30, 30, 30) Level 80 - 90 ~ (30, 30, 30, 30) Level 91 - 99 ~ (35, 35, 35, 35, 40) And as i was inform there will be a EVENT GAME MASTER will host event! and reward you with Demon Hunter Token. Pros & Cons So far only the Sealed Set is released, which mean this set don't have slot. and you can refine it. The End Thank you for your time and Good luck!
  12. Sanctum : The Ancient Holy City (Available after Update 11) ROSEA introduce this ancient city to all Player, all you need to do just talk to "Demon Hunter Representative" Olric Step : 1 "Demon Hunter Representative" Olric , will be available in every single town across midgard If you talk to "Demon Hunter Representative" Olric you will get Beginner Equipment according to your class : Archer | Thief | Taekwon | Ninja | Gunslinger Merchant | Swordman Magician | Acolyte Step : 2 Meet "Officer" Remus (sanctum 139 286) He in-charge in New Recruitment for Demon Hunter Association Join the Demon Hunter Association You will get Demon Hunter Seal x 1 This Seal is important you need it to be able to Craft Weapon, Exp Quest and many more (DO NOT SELL THIS AT NPC) Step : 3 Head over to "Gear Crafter" Damian (sanctum 198 287), he will talk to you if u got Demon Hunter Seal and offer you to craft a Beginner Weapon You can choose what to Craft : Step : 4 In the Middle of Sanctum City u will see a "Mission Board" again u need the Demon Hunter Seal to received your quest : Novice Mission Board (Level 25 ~ Level 54) Beginner Mission Board (Level 55 ~ Level 69) Adept Mission Board (Level 70 ~ Level 79) Intermediate Mission Board (Level 80 ~ Level 90) Advance Mission Board (Level 91 ~ Level 99) There's a lot of suitable quest for you have fun reading the list, the quest is repeatable! as long you in the correspondent level. Step : 5 Meet "Officer" Cynthia (sanctum 134 286) , To submit your quest from the Mission Board. She will Reward you with : Demon Hunter Token , Base Experience And Job Experience Demon Hunter Token is the currency you use to get your Demon Hunter Equipment, i will make another guide for this later. The End it's a long post.. but reading is good, have fun discovering Sanctum and Demon Hunter!
  13. ROSEA Daily Login Greeting everyone! Introducing to our new server features ROSEA Daily Login, which will help you guys to get good reward for free. 1. Begin your journey daily here at ROSEA with this new features you will notice a reward window, where you can click to get your daily reward for Everyday you login regardless on which character you choose. 2. Click the Current Day to obtain your reward, a Blue Check Mark will appear to verify the redeem is successful. 3. You may now Close the window and proceed to the next step. 4. Open your Rodex by clicking the icon next to CashShop icon to collect your reward. 5. Remember to read your Mail from our officer, reminder that it will only last for 15 day! (no refund after 15 day). 6. Make sure you got the correct item from your daily reward. 7. Click the Collect Button to obtain your reward 3. Finally simply check your Inventory (alt+e). The Daily Reward only got 20 days in case you missed for random day, you will be able to continue the collection on the next time you login. Sorry for the long post, Good Luck!

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