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      Old Players Having Problems Logging In   01/04/18

      Good Day Midgardians, As some of you already know that our server had undergone several security changes which affected some of your account. As such, for senior players who PLAYED BEFORE 31st DECEMBER 2017, you are required to do the following: Reset your password at https://www.ragnaroksea.com/?module=account&action=resetpass Download the manual patch at http://www.mediafire.com/file/see7h7orktjajau/Installer.exe  if you are using an installer OLDER THAN 31st DECEMBER 2017 Failure to do any of the steps will result in you being not able to login to the server.


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  1. War of Emperium Video Contest

    IGN Name: AsuraStrike01 IGN Character Class: Monk Video Link: Share and Tag Screenshot:
  2. Rosea Training Ground

    Granted boss 💞
  3. Rosea Training Ground

    Nice one riki, thank you for follow-up, regarding on SG you can wear book +6, TK.. Ahmm tk need some attention
  4. Rosea Training Ground

    the new one give move potion and kafra ticket, for leveling purpose i think the old one have a lot of eggring.
  5. Rosea Training Ground

    they pay me to make this. jk
  6. Rosea Training Ground Step : 1 Create new character according to your desire, long hair, short hair, male or female. Step : 2 Click enter and get in the game walk few step forward until u see "Novice Welcomer" Selena Don't forget to write down your name, once you wrote your name she will ask you to look for a guard in blue outfit. (just walk forward in 11 o'clock direction) Step : 3 You will arrived at "Combat Tutorial" Hendrick talk to him for the first time : you will obtain : Tattered Novice Ninja Suit Novice Main Gauche Novice False Eggshell Somber Novice Hood Novice Slippers Novice Guard Novice Potion x 300 Step : 4 Talk again to "Combat Tutorial" Hendrick for the second time he will give you novice potion x 50 and ask you to kill 10 poring! Step : 5 Prepare your self and slay 10 poring, return back to "Combat Tutorial" Hendrick he will reward you with experience. keep talking to Hendrick until he ask you to find Yuna. Step : 6 Look at your mini-map there should be a " + " mark Step : 7 Keep walking on that direction until u meet "Server Features" Yuna Warning! you need to talk to Yuna and choose all of the option! she will reward you with Novice potion x 400 (yay~! more potion) Step : 8 Talk to "Server Features" Yuna again and she will ask you to proceed until u reach the bridge (and jump jk) to meet Kafra Employee. Again, look at your mini-map to find Kafra Employee, near the bridge. Step : 9 Warning! same as Yuna you need to talk to Kafra Employee and choose all of the option! she will reward you with : Ticket for Kafra Storage x 30 Ticket for Kafra Transportation x 30 Novice Butterflywing. and experience. Step : 10 Once you get your reward, talk again with kafra employee she will ask you to find "Newbie Guide" Jacques enter the portal on the left side of kafra employee and walk straight. In the middle of the map you will find "Newbie Guide" Jacques and he will reward you with main-gauche[3] after receiving the main-gauche "Novice Guide"Jacques will ask you to find "Smith Sam" Step : 11 "Smith Sam" on the next map to the north, just walk up! Walk straight until u see Sam Smith and he will Reward you with Phracon x 6. Smith Sam will ask you to get inside of the building Next to him to refine your main-gauche[3] that you get from Jacques Step : 12 Get inside and talk to Smith Will and refine your main-gauche[3] with all the Phracon you receive. Reminder! its Main-Gauche[3] not Novice Main-Gauche and the refine need is +6 and above. Step : 13 Get back outside and talk to Sam Smith and he will reward you with Concentration Potion x 5 ,follow up with some base experience. and its time to tell him that you are good at goodbyes. Step : 14 Run back to "Novice Guide" Jacques, and will reward you with some experience and ask you to get atleast 15 base level. if u haven't reach 15 base level, walk 1 map west from "Novice Guide" Jacques and start killing Rocker. Step : 15 Once you done beat rocker (eggring better) and reach 15 base level go back to "Novice Guide" Jacques he and he will warp you to your desire job-changer across the midgard. The End. Term and Condition 1. you can only talk to the npc one time only, no turning back! 2. you can fly back to Beginner Village area using the Twin Towers
  7. #Update 8: Major Updates and Bug Fixes

    Cant wait for this.
  8. Player Spotlight : apakdin

    My frost joke only work on apakdin, hahaha
  9. Update #7 Bugfixes

    Awesome update in 10 more minutes! Btw admin got spelling error
  10. Clan System!

    CLAN SYSTEM STEP : 1 After accomplishing your test on training ground, head over to Prontera (136 185) 8 o'clock direction from middle fountain, and get inside the building. STEP : 2 inside there will be four npc represent of certain classes : Sword Clan Raffam Oranpere STR + 1 VIT+ 1 Max HP + 30 Max SP + 10 ... Arch Wand Clan Devon Aire INT + 1 DEX + 1 Max HP + 30 Max SP + 10 ... Golden Mace Clan Berman Aire LUK + 1 INT + 1 Max HP + 30 Max SP + 10 ... Cross Bow Clan Shaam Rumi DEX + 1 AGI + 1 Max HP + 30 Max SP + 10 ... STEP : 3 Once u done deciding for quite sometime, you can now join the clan by writing your name. And click OK! you are now good to kill Anubis as 1 2 3 ;)!(jk) and start leveling. ... Term and Condition 1. Clan don't have guild skill 2.players that are in clans cannot fully participate in any of the War of Emperiums 3.if you're inactive for 2 weeks straight, you will be automatically kicked from the clan. ... Good luck and have fun!
  11. Cash Shop Headgears

    Cash player, they have real life commitment and money to donate and have less time to farm, by donating it's help them to catch up with the game. While die hard farmer got all the time to farm. Besides all the donate hat is available via quest? I don't see any point to remove the donate hat stats =="? Now regarding on silvervine system that gonna been added to the server soon, you can get around 150 cash point daily via quest, so dont worry if u cant donate now.