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    Invoke PVP

    we are working towards adding more pvp contents. stay tuned
  2. [MAJOR UPDATE #9.1 - Monday - 21/04/2018] Maintenance Duration: 12 pm -> 2 pm - Safety Wall Behaviour Updated - Safety Wall now tracks hit count instead of just HP like previously. - HP Formula updated [Previously = Max HP x 3] New Formula = [ 300 x Skill Level ] + 65 [ INT + Level + Max SP ] - White Imprison deals damage to safety wall characters without removing safety wall - Weapon Block does not consume Safety Wall Counter - Corrected Reflect Shield reflecting trap damage twice - Fixed Mail notification not popping up when logged instead - Converted certain NPC events to C++. Removed limit of 256 characters for certain variable lengths. Added a destructor everytime an event end to free up memory. - Fixed Global Chat Delays. Each channel have CD now. - Spiral Pierce of MVPs are now capped at Level 5. - Abbey/Thor map view lock are now removed. - Eternal Chaos (Down Tempo) now nullifies both hard DEF and soft DEF [previously only soft DEF] - Fixed description on Old Boys Cap Costume Level requirement - Added 10 new dyes to the stylist NPC - Initial release of the ROSEA Ringgit NPC [Claimable South Beginner Village] - Cash Items Exchanger [E BBG, E FM,BBG ,FM, HE BBG, HE FM] - Special Services [Reset Stats/Skills] - ROSEA Ringgit requirement depend on base level. - Special Warp Services [Rent Warp maps for ROSEA Ringgit + Zeny] - Special Headgear Exchange [Only 3 available. More will be added soon] - Equipment Rental NPC [Gives rental to certain items for certain time: 1, 3, 5, 7 up till 30 days] [Major Homunculus Rework] - Rescale Homunculus stat calculation according to kRO. Certain homun like Filir, Armistr, Lif will be more useful in this patch. Reduction of damage of homun's DEF/MDEF are now fixed and should follow official behaviour. ASPD gains are also modified [previously follows player's ASPD gains], currently now follows homun gains. - The only homunculus capable of tank is Amistr [Adamantium Skin] due to the rework. - Certain skill effects are fixed [Filir's Fleet Skill, Lif's Heal skill] [Ramadhan Events] - Added 6 new consumable items to the game - Fariz Special Curry [MATK + 5%, INT +3 for 5 minutes] - Have a 50% chance of not giving the said effect. - Rendang Cap Jamilah [ATK + 5%, STR +3 for 5 minutes] - Have a 50% chance of losing 30% health after use. - Kurma [Heals a moderate ammount of HP/SP] -- If used before the sun sets, gives no effect - Fried Rice [Heals a large ammount of HP] -- If used before the sun sets, gives no effect - Ayam Percik [Heals a large ammount of SP] -- If used before the sun sets, gives no effect - Plastik Hitam [Open to obtain a random foot as per above] - New World Boss [ Demonic Revenant ] - HP 25,000,000. Volcanic eruption. Earth Strain. Severe Rainstorm. Sonic Blow. Reflect Damage [ Raging Soldier Crystal ] - Buffs the World Boss with ATK + 400% [lasts 15 seconds]. Casts once per 1 minute. [ Toxic Kren Crystal ] - Spreads toxin in an area. Deals 100 pure damage per seconds [Stacks indefinitely.] Cast skill once per 10 seconds. [ Gluton Rick Crystal ] - Heals Demonic Revenant for 9999 health per 30 seconds [ Fake Wimn Crystal ] - Deals heavy damage to one character. [Rewards] MVP [Most Damage] - OCA x 1 at 50% chance. [????? Costume. All stats + 1 at 3% chance] Common Drops [Map] - Ramadhan Token x 3 Ramadhan Token contains Random food and 3 special costume available + 2 headgears only during Ramadhan. [Monster Database Update] - With regards to the changes in some monster in kRO, a total of 300 monsters + MVPs stats have been reworked according to kRO's new stats. [New Instance] - Beginner Village instance opened. Recommended for Level 90 ~ 99. Gives out Enchant Stones as rewards. [Adjustment of WOE Times] - As a sign of respect to the holy month of Ramadhan, WOE Timing will be shifted. New Guild War times will be posted soon.
  3. Ragnarok SEA Admin

    Are you planning to add 3rd jobs ?

    For now, only trans classes are on our timeline. They will be available towards the end of the year.
  4. [Trouble Logging in/Registering] We noticed that some users have troubles logging in due to session error after the previous maintenance + web server hard reboot. We are aware of this and is currently working towards a solution. We are sorry for the inconveniences caused and thank you for your patience and tolerance. #NewMalaysia
  5. Ragnarok SEA Admin

    Bugs and Suggestion Thread for Update #9

    I haven't obtained much input from the community as off recent. Therefore as a special thank you for your support, please list out your suggestion for the upcoming Update #9: March Update. We have [in my opinion] fixed The Sign dance quest.. and I hope that you will report any more bugs/error as we are aiming to be a better server after update #9.
  6. Ragnarok SEA Admin

    Bugs and Suggestion Thread for Update #9

    Hello @Fly. We are in the midst of a transitional update to a new episode, hence most of the monster database will be updated; We will release our own database once this is completed. Thank you for your suggestion :)
  7. [Announcement] Ramadhan is coming !! - A special event will be held during the month of ramadhan featuring special stat boosting food item, new server un-lockable dungeon, world boss as well as release of ROSEA Ringgit features. - Maintenance Date: 14/05/2018 [Monday] 10:00 am -> 11:30 am - Rescheduling of WOE Times - Various bugfixes. Full patch release will be given soon. Stay tuned.
  8. @Qayela We realised this issue during the early implementation of the 2017 client. The custom dll implementation to fix the graphics glitch/lag as well as add support for modern graphic cards are already implemented in the upcoming 2018 client. We are currently testing the client and the release is expected to be around July/August. Any custom dll must be implemented before the gepard patch is applied, we do not give technical support on bypassing the memory integrity check for end users.
  9. Due to a poll conducted by community dragon rider dark lord suggesting that trans update be delayed to a further date [During our server's one year anniversary], our U10 update will be broken down to 3 major updates each with their respective contents. [U10 - 18th JUNE] - Missing headgear quest [up to 42] implementation. ROSEA Ringgit exchange NPC [Cash items, Headgear, Enchantment Materials]. Expansion of the beginner village functions/maps. Res-caling of mob database/homunculus/mercenary to reflect changes in iRO:Restart (As they have trans now). New World Boss system with point calculation for better rewards. 1 RNG reward is confirmed for participants. [U11 - 11th AUGUST] - Introduction of new vending tax free zone (Prontera, Aldebaran, Morocc). Opening of maps up to Episode 13.2. Official Instance dungeon release to up to level 99 level limit. [U12 - 24th DEC] - 2018 Client. Daily Login system using in-game interface. Implementation of transcendent classes. Release of Battleground (With Queue-system). Opening of SE guild features. Release of Ancient Odin Temple instance for end-game equipment. Free reset NPC will extend to Level 85 only for non-rebirth characters. Eden NPC implementation.
  10. @Ms Zoey the complete guide to donation can be found here: As @Reveniant Goh mentioned, that the donation credits need to be claimed. When donating ensure that your character is not online to ensure instant credit of Cash Points. Thank you.
  11. Ragnarok SEA Admin

    Suggestion to include COD feature in RODEX

    Good suggestion. We will try and push it to the next update.
  12. Ragnarok SEA Admin

    How to Join Demon Hunter's Association?

    @sivanithian Welcome to ROSEA. The demon hunter questline are currently being revamped to adjust their exp scaling and most likely return to ROSEA mid may. For the time being, there are lot of guilds giving free pantie + undershirt sets for new players
  13. Ragnarok SEA Admin

    War of Emperium Video Contest

    Submission is closed Thank you for those who participated
  14. Ragnarok SEA Admin

    War of Emperium Video Contest

    STREAM, Upload at either Youtube or Facebook and stand a chance to win RARE COSTUMES !! Every valid entry will get you 3 x HE Bubble Gums and 3 x HE Field Manuals !!! STEPS TO JOIN: 1. Like and Share our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ragnasea/ 2. Post your video at Facebook [Must be Public] and tag 5 of your friends. 3. Or Upload your video at Youtube and share to Facebook tagging 5 of your friends. 4. Post the details of your entry here in this format:
  15. Ragnarok SEA Admin

    Short server restart

    The ASPD issue requires a server restart to fix. A short server restart will be performed at 2pm. You can relog back around 2:05pm
  16. [Gentle Reminder] Good day ROSEANS. We will be having routine weekly maintenance tomorrow to ensure a constantly smooth running server despite TM issues. A few of the bugs will also be fixed. Costume trader will be added at the same location as the donation exchange NPC [so that you can combine the times of different heroic costumes + Trade with the ones you want] Time: 4:30 pm -> 5:15 pm Date: Friday [20/4/2018] - Tomorrow [Bug 1] High Orc Pet not giving proper bonus even if loyal [Bug 2] Fixed inn charges not equal at certain cities. [Bug 3] Ghostring Hat not giving + 3 vit bonus. They should be giving bonus as per description. [Bug 4] Emergency Call [Guild Skill] will now have a 5 seconds fixed cast. [Bug 5] Add bypass for TK Classes for Thanatos Quest. Any footwear with +6 and above will be able to pass the quest check. [Bug 6] Fixed and cleanup Hunter Job Change Quest [Bug 7] Fixed monster AI spawning with overflow values. They should spawn with AI mode 0 on server initiation and then is assigned with other AI modes by the map server. [Bug 8] Re-Adjusted Channel Colors to properly differentiate between different Channels. Since map channel is rarely used, it is removed from list of channels. [Bug 9] Loyalty for Pets are now not deducted upon master death in Guild war or PVP Maps [Bug 10] Halter Lead can no longer be used if player is under SC_HIDING or SC_CLOAKING [Bug 11] Added manual costume wear restrictions to classes that share the same ID [Bard <-> Dancer] [BUG 12] RK Costume now gives LV 5 Dragon Riding. But the bonuses from Lv 5 Dragon Riding will be normalised so that the costume gives 0 bonus. - Easter World Boss and Easter Bunnies will be removed marking the end of the event.
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    https://discord.gg/z8PCvM <-- discord server link. Our server geographically is not that far from australia.. Welcome to ROSEA
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    Google Drive Mirror

    Version 3.0


    Latest Ragnarok Sea Client Update Date: 14/4/2018 You do not need to download the manual patch if you use this full installer
  19. Version 2.0


    Latest FULL Ragnarok Online Sea Client Update Date: 14/4/2018 You do not need to download the manual patch if you use this full installer
  20. Ragnarok SEA Admin

    Weekly Maintenance + Small Update

    [Weekly Maintenance Reminder] Due to certain complications, the maintenance will be slightly brought forward [Thursday - 12/4/2018] to the following time: 6:30pm - > 7:00pm
  21. Ragnarok SEA Admin

    Bugs and Suggestion Thread for Update #9

    @Ayluna @Reveniant Goh Both bugs are fixed in U9.1 [minor update] last friday
  22. Ragnarok SEA Admin

    Server is Online

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wjQN3J0sR45vLbeVsFnvt8wz5wE4YAR6 This is the link to the new installer @Bullet @PoopOnSticks @Ali baba just install to your RO Directory
  23. Ragnarok SEA Admin

    Server is Online

    Greetings ROSEANS, we had succesfully migrated our severs to VADS Datacenter, a Tier 3 datacenter with a minimum of 99.5% uptime. Hard-ware wise we also upgraded with our rough estimates of being able to host up to 4000 players without lag !! Along with the completion of the maintenance is the new Update #9 which is set to be a huge change compared to the previous patches, introducing Pet Evolution, Multi Hit Critical, the new Refine UI, new Training Grounds [to give a kickstart to newbies] and many more !!
  24. Ragnarok SEA Admin

    Server is Online

    @Bullet @PoopOnSticks @Ali baba The patch riki posted is legit but it seems like there are some problems with some other players logging in. I will be uploading a new lite, clean installer within the next few hours.. Thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconveniences caused
  25. Ragnarok SEA Admin

    Maintenance Today

    [Reminder] Good day ROSEANs !!! Maintenance will commence from 10:30 am till 5pm today