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Announcement of Update Timeline and Their Respective Contents

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Due to a poll conducted by community dragon rider dark lord suggesting that trans update be delayed to a further date [During our server's one year anniversary], our U10 update will be broken down to 3 major updates each with their respective contents.
[U10 - 18th JUNE] - Missing headgear quest [up to 42] implementation. ROSEA Ringgit exchange NPC [Cash items, Headgear, Enchantment Materials]. Expansion of the beginner village functions/maps. Res-caling of mob database/homunculus/mercenary to reflect changes in iRO:Restart (As they have trans now). New World Boss system with point calculation for better rewards. 1 RNG reward is confirmed for participants.
[U11 - 11th AUGUST] - Introduction of new vending tax free zone (Prontera, Aldebaran, Morocc). Opening of maps up to Episode 13.2. Official Instance dungeon release to up to level 99 level limit.
[U12 - 24th DEC] - 2018 Client. Daily Login system using in-game interface. Implementation of transcendent classes. Release of Battleground (With Queue-system). Opening of SE guild features. Release of Ancient Odin Temple instance for end-game equipment. Free reset NPC will extend to Level 85 only for non-rebirth characters. Eden NPC implementation.

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