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Weekly Maintenance + Small Bugfixes

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[Gentle Reminder]
Good day ROSEANS. We will be having routine weekly maintenance tomorrow to ensure a constantly smooth running server despite TM issues. A few of the bugs will also be fixed. Costume trader will be added at the same location as the donation exchange NPC [so that you can combine the times of different heroic costumes + Trade with the ones you want]
Time: 4:30 pm -> 5:15 pm
Date: Friday [20/4/2018] - Tomorrow
    [Bug 1] High Orc Pet not giving proper bonus even if loyal
    [Bug 2] Fixed inn charges not equal at certain cities.
    [Bug 3] Ghostring Hat not giving + 3 vit bonus. They should be giving bonus as per description.
    [Bug 4] Emergency Call [Guild Skill] will now have a 5 seconds fixed cast.
    [Bug 5] Add bypass for TK Classes for Thanatos Quest. Any footwear with +6 and above will be able to pass the quest check.
    [Bug 6] Fixed and cleanup Hunter Job Change Quest
    [Bug 7] Fixed monster AI spawning with overflow values. They should spawn with AI mode 0 on server initiation and then is assigned with other AI modes by the map server.
    [Bug 8] Re-Adjusted Channel Colors to properly differentiate between different Channels. Since map channel is rarely used, it is removed from list of channels.
    [Bug 9] Loyalty for Pets are now not deducted upon master death in Guild war or PVP Maps
    [Bug 10] Halter Lead can no longer be used if player is under SC_HIDING or SC_CLOAKING
    [Bug 11] Added manual costume wear restrictions to classes that share the same ID [Bard <-> Dancer]
    [BUG 12] RK Costume now gives LV 5 Dragon Riding. But the bonuses from Lv 5 Dragon Riding will be normalised so that the costume gives 0 bonus.
    - Easter World Boss and Easter Bunnies will be removed marking the end of the event.

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