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      Old Players Having Problems Logging In   01/04/18

      Good Day Midgardians, As some of you already know that our server had undergone several security changes which affected some of your account. As such, for senior players who PLAYED BEFORE 31st DECEMBER 2017, you are required to do the following: Reset your password at https://www.ragnaroksea.com/?module=account&action=resetpass Download the manual patch at http://www.mediafire.com/file/see7h7orktjajau/Installer.exe  if you are using an installer OLDER THAN 31st DECEMBER 2017 Failure to do any of the steps will result in you being not able to login to the server.
Ragnarok SEA Admin

#Update 8: Major Updates and Bug Fixes

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  1. Fixed item creation when inventory is full. Item created does not drop to the ground anymore, instead a fail message is given and item creation is prevented.
  2. Reduced limitation of 4x4 cells nochat/novend beside npc to only 3x3.
  3. Optimised Guild Storage Code.
  4. Fixed certain incompatibility with the latest SQL engine.


  1. Implemented new hairstyle [up to 27], hair dyes [up to 33 from 8] and cloth color [from 4 to 35]. Don't worry these dyes look very official. Nothing like imba yellow eye bleed colours.
  2. Added 2-2 jRO and kRO 3rd class costumes. Sorry for the one who won the unknown item. Will deliver through RODEX soon.
  3. Fixed ASPD for off-hand (Dual Wield) and bare Handed calculation. Slight alteration in ASPD to match some official values.
  4. Disabled item drop when producing items more than inventory.
  5. Added check to Tokens to check whether the inventory of a character is more than 115. If item count hit 115, player will be unable to use the Token.


  1. Remove looting behaviour of CNY Dancing Dragon and Eggrings.
  2. Fixed Myst drops. Now drops unslotted Ring.
  3. Siren element is now water. Nerfed Siren's Wail further.
  4. CNY Monsters will be removed at the next maintenance [Chaos Dragon, Echidna and Siren]
  5. Reworked Increase Agi for mobs. Increase Agi now only adds a fixed ammount of agi instead of percentage and is limited to a max level of 10.
  6. MVP Classes that had the Increase Agi rebalance now have more HP (10% ~ 30% more)
  1. Added Twin Tower NPC to Amatsu, Gonryun
  2. Removed izlude dungeon 5/6 warp NPC
  3. STAR,SUN,MOON Map Reset NPC is released. It can only be done once per week. To release the map from the STAR SUN MOON skill, the Taekwon Master must eliminate a random non-boss monster on the map 500 times.
  4. Prontera Kafras now have centralized warping to Rune Midgard cities. Charges are as distance, the further the more expensive.
  5. Re-adjusted [Old Payon] warp charges. Now cheapest warp is to Prontera.
  6. Added Donation Redeem NPC, Daily Quest as well as a new Cash Shop NPC to Prontera.
  7. Payon and Prontera have now specific vending tiles to enable easier navigation through the city.
  8. Multiple repositioning of out of place npcs in Prontera church
  9. Added DPS Counter for the Training Dummies at Prontera. This dummy, when hit will display DPS [damage per second] values. Good for testing build.
  10. Added a new Status and Skill reset NPC for beginners (Under Level 60).
  11. Alteration on some headgear requirements [Pirate Dagger, Blush of Groom]. Pirate Dagger and Blush of Groom now have their own separate Quests.
  12. Added new headgear quests [Enhanced Corsair Quest]. This Enhanced Corsair can be done along with Pirate Dagger. (You must finish the quest to craft both).
  13. Rough Oridecon/Rough Elunium ore refiner can now do bulk refines [you give value, it will change in bulk]. Of course a small zeny fee will be charged if you opt for bulk change. [100 zeny per 5 ore converted.]
  14. Round 2 of The Sign Dance Quest bugfixing. Hope this works.
  15. Made Assassin Job Change Quest bug-proof. If player DC, they can talk to an NPC to claim the weapon of choice and gain the talisman.


[Will only be implemented once we moved servers]

  1. Demon Hunter HQ moved to Prontera (South-West - Marked by a Skull Icon).
  2. Re-Adjusted ranks in Demon Hunter Association. Players now need to complete Rank Upgrade quests in order to scale ranks.
  3. Added new services specifically for ranked Demon Hunter members:
  • Warp Services (Unlocks by Paying with ROSEA Ringgit + Zeny) - Max Personal Map Warp: 5 (Non-Questable Map Only). Maps are of rental basis and will expire after 30 days.
  • Demon Hunter Crafter (Crafts Demon Hunter Set - Sealed.)
  • Sypher Fanalae (Crafts Unsealed Demon Hunter Set - Unsealed Set removes all refine and slot restrictions as well as having slightly better defence)
  • Essence NPC (Breaks down cards to Fragments. Fragment reward depending on card Tier. The Essence NPC will automatically reject Boss Cards


  1. Taekwon's Fighting Chant [Kihop] now have a damage cap of 110%, instead of the current 190% as per official servers
  2. Fixed Plant Cultivation Behavior to follow as official
  3. Fixed Holy Water skill consuming SP eventhough skill fails.
  4. Corrected Steal Coin and Disarm formula as per official. [Zeny Steal Amount: (rnd() % (10 * target_lv + 1 - 8 * target_lv)) + 8 * target_lv]
  5. Corrected Tiger Fist [Champion] stop duration - [Future Patch done now. Trans are not available yet btw]
  6. % damage card now adds to Cart Termination - [Future Patch done now. Trans are not available yet btw]
  7. Skin Tempering skill now adds 5% Fire Resist Per Level instead of 4% [iROWiki is wrong, tested on AEGIS 15.2]
  8. Fixed Endow to match official. Changes:
    • Endows are now interchangeable.

    • No longer break the weapon on failure and now un-equip instead.

  1. Changed the default cash item categories + re-arranged certain items. More items added to the cash shop, mostly utilities.
  2. Added new March Monthly -  Egg.
  3. Updated latest kRO items into the DB.
  4. Added a few new service items to the Cash Shop.
    1. Name Change Scroll
    2. Gender Change Scroll
  1. Removed old Prontera Castle Maps. Added new prontera castle map from kRO.


  1. Update bonuses for Guild Skill [Guard Up]. Removed SP adjustments as mobs have no SP.

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// ===================================
//             March Blessed Token
// ===================================

 Giant Fly Wings Box x 50
Convex Mirror Box
Token of Siegfreid Box
Token of Siegfreid
Convex Mirror
// === Costume Section ======
// Common

Magestic Goat
Evil Wing Ear
Ayothaya Hat
// Uncommon
Rainbow Feather Deco
Scooter Hat
Polar Bear Cap
Beret of Artist
// Rare
Roast Memory
Leaf Cat
Black Musang
// Very Rare
Holy Klobuk
Large Magestic Goat
Reigenleaf Band
// Super Rare
Rune Helm
Prison of Time

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Posted (edited)

Thx for ur hardwork GM

do we have the new egg's Custom Headgear pictures GM?

Edited by Mior Amir
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nice update, wish trans will never come....#StayClassic !
hate those trans classes and their OP skills T__T

please keep classic only WoE session if it had to come :3

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