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[Weekly Maintenance and Update] 22nd Feb

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[Weekly Maintenance and Update]

Thursday [3:00pm -> 3:30pm] Short upgrade as usual. Patch list will be released as I go.

  • - Alteration on some headgear requirements [Pirate Dagger, Blush of Groom]
  • - Added new headgear quests [Enhanced Corsair Quest]
  • - Remove looting behaviour of Dancing Dragon and Eggrings
  • - Demon Hunter HQ moved to Prontera. 
  • - Demon Hunter Repeatable Ranges ranges added [25 - 40]
  • - Rough Oridecon/Rough Elunium ore refiner can now do bulk refines [you give value, it will change in bulk]. Of course a small zeny fee will be charged if you opt for bulk change. [100 zeny per 5 ore converted.]
  • - Reworked Increase Agi for mobs. Increase Agi now only adds a fixed ammount of agi instead of percentage and is limited to a max level of 10.
  • - Siren element is now water. Nerfed Siren's Wail further.
  • - Daily Reward changed to Daily Quests due to potential exploit. Timer is specific to character.
  • - Added new Demon Hunter Dungeon Services. [Pay with ROSEA Ringgit/Zeny to unlock special warps that only you can use.]
  • - Added 2-2 3rd class costumes. Sorry for the one who won the unknown item. Will deliver through RODEX soon.
  • - Round 2 of The Sign Dance Quest bugfixing. Hope this works.
  • - Changed the default cash item categories + re-arranged certain items. More items added to the cash shop, mostly utilities.
  • - Added new Valentine's Day Egg.
  • - New Valentine's Day world boss spawns in Aldebaran.
  • - Made Assassin Job Change Quest bug-proof. If player DC, they can talk to an NPC to claim the weapon of choice and gain the talisman.

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