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Happy Chinese New Year [Maintenance Patch Log]

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[Maintenance Patch Notes - 15/2/2018 - Wednesday]
- Zaha Hat Doll now properly have 1 slot
- Fixed !arealoot bug. Now u can turn off and loot.
- Bugfix Ungoliant Spawn
- Fixed Prontera PVP Map Tile
- Due to recent mechanic changes, all classes can reset 3 times using the NPC. [Quest item stays]
- Dancing Dragon Event Monster now spawns in fields across midgard. These monsters drop rice cakes, new years egg [low chance] and also red packets.
- Eggring will spawn in major maps as well.
- Fire, Water, Wind, Earth Deity will be added to the dragon boss summon. These deity have a chance to drop a Heroic Costume Token [3rd class costume] but do note, only one 3rd class costume can exist at a time.
- Added new Headgear NPC [Blush of Groom, Gentleman Pipe, Sigrun's Wings, Pirate Dagger]
[ Trap Hunter damage Nerf remains. Cast Time wont be added. Adding cast time will cause existing trap hunters to not even able to farm normal mobs or even PVP/Guild War properly if this nerf is added. I will do a full white paper - Meaning Explaination on why this nerf and what are the pros tht caused this change. ]
- Rewrote how OnTouch npc trigger behaves. The Sign quest have overlapping ontouch zones causing non-detection when walk into. Now should work as per wanted
- Now 3 world boss will spawn for CNY [Water Deity, Fire Deity as well as Devil Chaos Dragon]
- Fixed Zeny Requirements and Typo for Headgear NPC [Spectral Being]
- Eggs both cash and drop will now drop Neuralizer. Neuralizer are now tradeable and can be used in Old Payon
- Changed Dragon AI. Dragon is now neutral.
- Added new mob skill [Rain of Fire] & [Mass Frost Driver]

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